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Spring has finally sprung

Angela Steffens

By Angela Steffens

Spring has finally sprung

Although the calendar has shown spring was here I don’t believe it really found us until this week. Not only is spring the time of year for the flowers to come up and the grass to turn green. It’s the time of year for new life all around us.

I’ve been visiting a Great Horned Owls nest for the past 2 months and only this weekend the baby owlets have come out from under the mother owl to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I am guessing from my visits they are around three weeks old.

Not many people know that just around town there are many forms of wildlife living amongst us. These owls also known as birds of prey (raptors)are beautiful to watch and are very helpful at keeping other nuisance animals away. As long as we give them respect and distance, these beautiful birds will stay around.

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