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Susie Walker, protrayed in photo by Hannah Andersen, and also played by Kaia Rose Wilson, gives a tug to Kris Kringle, played by Tim Dixon`s beard in a promotional photo for Miracle on 34th Street, playing now until Dec. 23 at Rosebud Theatre.

Miracle in hamlet of Rosebud

When I told friends that I had never, in my 37 years on this planet, seen Miracle on 34th Street they were shocked. Apparently it’s a christmas staple that I have gone without all these years.

The Boob Tour, a stand-up comedy night for cancer

Creating laughter while trying to raise funds for cancer is part of the Comedy for the Cure's The Boob Tour. The sixth annual Boob Tour hosted by The Magical Moms, a group of four moms from the Strathmore area that try to raise funds for cancer, is coming to Strathmore on Friday, Nov. 4.

Amy Castro, head of wardrobe at Rosebud Theatre stands between the racks of a dream closet, one of the storage rooms in the brand new wardrobe facility. The theatre unveiled the brand new wardrobe facility on October 22.

Rosebud unveils wardrobe facility and 2017 lineup

The hamlet of Rosebud was a bustling place on the evening of October 22, as the streets were filled with groups visiting the theatre, and having a meal at the Mercantile building, as the theatre community celebrated the grand opening of their new wardrobe facility. The expansion of creative space for the wardrobe facility, will allow Rosebud Theatr

Chris Laite is the winner of the Strathmore Standard's ticket giveaway to Rosebud Theatre's production of Miracle on 34th Street. The play will be featured grom November 11 to December 23 at Rosebud Theatre.

Enjoy a classic miracle in Rosebud

Enjoy the classic heartwarming tale of Kris Kringle spreading goodwill in modern day this season as Rosebud Theatre presents Miracle on 34th Street. The play is adapted by Caleb Marshall with Erin Keating from the classic story by Valentine Davies. Miracle on 34th Street is running at the Rosebud Theatre from November 11 to December 23.

The Train of Terror is rolling through Aspen Crossing for the month of October.

Train of Terror rolling through Aspen Crossing

The scariest, most awesome Halloween ready ride you’ll ever experience is at Aspen Crossing this month. The Train of Terror took off at Aspen Crossing this year on October 8 and will run until October 30.