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Rodgers & Associates hosting Business Appreciation Awards

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

The Strathmore Business Appreciation Awards will be held on June 14 at the Royal Canadian Legion. The first annual event is being hosted by Rodgers & Associates, a company which specializes in hosting unique and fun special events.


A portion of the funds raised during the awards banquet will be donated to a local non-profit organization.

“If the event is in Calgary a percentage would go to a Calgary non profit. If it's in Strathmore, it would be in Strathmore,” explained president Richard Rodgers.

This month, a survey has been circulated to businesses in the Strathmore region prior to the awards night. The survey asks organizations to choose one charity of choice to receive a donation from Rodgers and Associates at the event.

Organizers will tally the results of the surveys and choose the charity that will receive the donation, prior to the event, explained Rodgers and Associates VP Marketing Luc Lalonde.

The charities will be judged by a number of criteria ranging from business size, if they are a home-based business, small, business or a new business. Businesses will also be judged by the amount of charitable work in the community they complete.

“The awards that we are giving out will be not only by category of size, but also by participation, so lets say that two people around the same category, one of them is going to be just the amount that they donated to charity, the other one might be how many hours they volunteered,” explained Lalonde, who noted that some small businesses may not have the extra cash flow to be donating to charity, and much of their charitable works are paid for in kind or through volunteer hours.

“A lot of people maybe they don't have the money, but they resourced their time and efforts as well. We want to recognize that,” said Lalonde.

Participants to the Strathmore Business Appreciation Awards will receive a certificate for participation in the community, and five engraved outstanding trophies will be awarded to the recipients.

“The reason that we chose something like this is I don't think there has been a night for just giving back to the non-profits and charities in the town's history,” said Richard Rodgers. This is not about the size of your business and how productive you were for the whole year,” he said. He also noted that the awards ceremony does not want to take away from the Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Awards, or that of the Newsy Neighbor's awards.

“This is specifically for giving back to non-profits,” he said.

“At the same time, it's about having a fun-filled event,” said Lalonde. “We wanted to test this in Strathmore because Richard has put in so much time to the outreach program and to the Overnight Shelter, so he's got to know the community quite well,” he said. The event is also a way of introducing Rodgers & Associates to the community.

Organizers hope, once they've received feedback from the community, to host the awards celebration annually.

“It's all to encourage people to continue giving, and donating money and time,” said Lalonde.

“I think most businesses go past their limit by March, but they continue, giving and giving all year. So it's exhausting for hundreds of charities come through your business, and not have a night where they can get honoured and appreciated,” said Rodgers.

The Amazing Race

In the near future Rodgers & Associates will be hosting an Amazing Race event that will span parts of southern Alberta like Drumheller, Chestermere, Strathmore and Siksika Nation.

Lalonde explained that the awards night is a lead up to the Amazing Race which will feature six communities/cities and six events.

“It's all going to be again charity based. The teams to qualify and participate in the Amazing Race that we are going to be doing, all have to raise money for their charities, a minimum of $500,” he said. The final stop on the Amazing Race will be here in Strathmore.


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