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Strathmore Musical Arts Society presents 'Over The Moon'

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell of 'Over The Moon' will be performing at the Humble Horse Ranch during a Strathmore Musical Arts Society performance on April 28.

Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell of 'Over The Moon' will be performing at the Humble Horse Ranch during a Strathmore Musical Arts Society performance on April 28.

Craig Bignell and Suzanne Levesque the folk-music duo that make up the band, 'Over The Moon' will be crooning and delighting crowds of spectators at the Humble Horse Ranch just outside of Strathmore on April 28. The performance is one presented by the Strathmore Musical Arts Society.


The award-winning acoustic duo of Bignell and Levesque are based out of Longview, Alberta and have between them several years of professional folk music experience.

The current album together is Moondancer, a truly brilliant and honest album. "That is our first record as 'Over The Moon', Sue and I have been musicians all of our lives," said Bignell.

He explained that Moondancer was actually recorded at their home ranch.

"We recorded it at home. Usually we go to studios to record everything. It was a learning process, but it was awesome," he said. The couple are friends with Ian Tyson, one of Canada's most well-known folk singers and songwriters.

"He gave us that song Moondancer. We were recording that song, and that day the coyotes were howling like crazy outside. We were trying to stop the sound from getting into the microphone," he said explaining that Levesque wore a large duvet covering her and the microphone as they tried to block the sound.

The song was ultimately recorded is a walk-in closet where it was quiet.

One of the group's moving songs is the one titled, 'Turtle Mountain' which chronicles the story of the Frank slide at Turtle Mountain in the Crowsnest Pass. Bignell told the story of how he and Levesque were visiting the area and stopped along the trail that travels through the side where the town used to exist.

"We had good friends that opened up a restaurant in Bellevue in the Crowsnest. We went down there to play a couple times and we took our bikes and road along near the Frank slide. It's really quite moving," said Bignell.

"We started reading up on what happened there and we thought we'd write a song about it," he said. "It's pretty haunting sounding," he said.

Their first record was initially released in the United Kingdom. "All of the British people loved that song, they say it sounds like a Fairport Convention tune," said. Fairport Convention being a British folk band recognized for growing folk music in Britain in the 1960s.

In the near future the band will be working on a tour in British Columbia over the summer.

An eclectic piece of information about the couple is that sometime next year they will be visiting China, and so they are brushing up on their Mandarin language skills.

"We've already started recording our next record," said Bignell. They hope to have it out to music fans by September 2018.

The performance will be held at the Humble Horse Ranch, with cocktails served at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. and the show at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online for $35 per ticket, and in person at Marlin Travel, Hob's Hobbies, Authentic Rood Salon, Pro Water Systems, Assist Business Centre and Chinook Financial. Humble Horse Ranch is located at 2100 Range Rd 254 Strathmore. More information about 'Over The Moon' and their new album can be found online at overthemoonband.com.


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