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McHappy Day in Strathmore

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

May 2 is just around the corner, and with it is another McHappy Day. The goal of McHappy Day is to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.


The Strathmore McDonalds Restaurant began their fundraising campaign on Monday April 9 and have already raised about $1,000

"We are working hard to get to that $10,000 mark this year," said manager Mary White. Right now, staff are brainstorming for neat and fun activities to host on the day.

"We're going to ask all of the community businesses and the police to volunteer for the day," she said. Typically, the Mayor, council and local dignitaries come into the restaurant and serve patrons during the day. "We will have them in our store, in the drive through and making coffee and handing out food on counter and getting more donations that day," said White.

"The house just does such amazing work, we want to make sure we support it," said White of Ronald McDonald House.

"We feel very strongly about this cause because we also go periodically throughout the year and make dinner for the families in the house," she said. "So we see it first-hand. We go and we have dinners with these families. To have your child in the hospital. We want to make sure we're giving them the best that we can," she said.

The house gives families a chance to stay together when a child is sick, avoiding the need to travel long distances to hospitals. There are bedrooms, kitchens and quiet spaces.

"Some of them they don't have money for food, they don't have money for groceries while they are there visiting, because all of their money is going towards travel and with their children," said White.

"The house does such amazing things, like they will slide gift cards under their doors, or gas cards, and grocery cards under their door, so they don't have to worry and they don't have to be ashamed. They don't have to ask for it," she said.

On McHappy Day $1 from every Big Mac, Mc Café and Happy Meal will go towards the Ronald McDonald House.

"Some people come through and donate quite a bit those days as well. It's really appreciated. We had one gentleman last year donate $100 in the drive through, and we'll have some merchandise for sale as well," she said.

Once people make a donation, their names are written on paper hearts which are put up on the walls in the restaurant so the public can see who donated.


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