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Creating compost change

 Bretany Tourout

Communities in Bloom put on a presentation for more than 50 people at the Strathmore Library.

Cody Huxted from Huxted Waste and Recycling gave the room information needed to prepare for the compost bin addition to their waste disposal.

“I figured this would be a good way, you get to see the size and feel it out,” said Huxted.

Smaller bins of 120 litres will be given to residents of Strathmore on June 1.

Councilor Lorraine Bauer was in attendance and let the room know further steps they would need to take for a larger bin.

"If people choose to go with the 240 litres, you will got to the town and tell them you’re wanting to upgrade and that you’re paying for it," said Bauer

Resident Gus Wahl didn't understand the need for more bins and said another bin puts unneeded stress on some seniors.

"They don’t have enough stuff to compost. It’s just a nuisance to have all these big containers there," said Wahl

Huxted explained the importance of composing properly with compostable bags rather than biodegradable bags because of the degradation it undergoes.

"We process it, we turn it into nutrient rich soil available to industry, environment, and Strathmore’s community,” said Huxted.

He also assured the group that almost everything you buy can be found in a compostable form.

“My coffee cup’s compostable, the lids are compostable, our plates are; you can pretty much get everything compostable,” said Huxted.

Rosemary Wotske and Cam Beard from Poplar Bluff Organics explained the importance of proper composing by relating to their own experiences at their farm.

“We’re all certified organic, which means we cant use any synthetic fertilizers,” said Beard.

Beard and Wotske said they prefer to use produce compost; but in order for them to use Waste Management's soil, it needs to pass a test to confirm its cleanliness.

“It’s a challenge to get it certified because they don’t know what is put in your compost,” said Beard.


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