Matrix Cheer All-Stars team heading to Florida

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Members of the Strathmore Matrix Cheer All-Star cheerleading club are attending The Summit in Florida, an international cheerleading competition.

Members of the Strathmore Matrix Cheer All-Star cheerleading club are attending The Summit in Florida, an international cheerleading competition.

A few members of the Matrix Cheer All-Star cheerleading club could be seen volunteering to work during the Family Day pancake breakfast hosted by the Lions Club at the Civic Centre last weekend. But what you might not have realized, is that the team has qualified to attend an international competition in Florida hosted by ESPN for cheerleading.


The team recently won a bid to compete at The Summit- All Star Championship, which is a creme de la creme invitational competition. The team will compete on May 3 and May 4, and are planning to fundraise in the community to offset some of their travel costs. The competition itself is hosted by ESPN at Walt Disney World.

The Summit- All Star Championship is a competition featuring the best cheerleading teams in the world. It's a live broadcast show on ESPN3. It's held from May 4 to 6 and is an all-ages competition. It is held at ESPN World of Sports.

“We compete for ourselves and try to beat other teams that are doing the same thing,” explained April LaChance. The team attends competitions about five to eight times a year.

“Certain competitions offer bids, and what a bid is, is basically an invitation to try to compete against the best of the best,” she said. Other participating teams come from all around the world to compete for one week at The Summit.

“We competed in Calgary the first weekend in February and it was a two-day competition,” she said. The team competed three times in two days and entered for two different bids and received the bid for the international competition.

Matrix Cheer All-Stars is a cheerleading team that trains out of Jump House Gymnastics in Strathmore. There are 18 members of the team who will be competing and travelling with two coaches. The team performs cheerleading, dancing, jumps, tumbling, and stunting.

LaChance says the members of the team are driven, hard-working, relentless and they never give up.

“This is every cheer club's life purpose. To get here, even if we win or we lose, we got here,” she said.

“This is the biggest drive, this is why we do what we do,” she said.

Some of the members of the team have been cheerleading for two years, and others for six years, or more.

Each year the team starts with a new routine and puts in the work perfecting their performance.

“We finally reached a place where we were good enough to get a bid. It just goes to show that if they believe in themselves and work hard, they can get what they want,” said LaChance.

The team is presently accepting monetary donations and sponsorships. Check out of the Matrix Cheer All-Star club's Facebook page to keep updated for fundraising events and other special announcements.


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