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Curbside organics pickup on the way for Strathmore

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

The Town of Strathmore will be implementing a new Waste Management Plan for the future of the municipality, which will have in its first stage a plan for an automated curbside solid waste and organics collection system.


The waste management plan has been established to fulfil the needs of the community regarding solid waste, mixed recycling, organics and the diversion of waste from landfills.

“This waste management plan do you see it being an umbrella to residences like condos as well?” asked councillor Pat Fule, about the town’s future collection system in multi-unit facilities.

“I believe we can cover that off in the plan with the item that we said is community-based drop off, or items excluded from the curbside program,” said the Town of Strathmore’s Mark Ruault.

“We’d have some system where people that don’t have curbside collection from our automatic system would have the opportunity to drop it off at a facility,” said Ruault.

In terms of the current recycle yard, which is privately owned, councillor Steve Grajczyk asked, “Since the recycle yard is privately owned, I know that it is somewhat tied in with us right now and it’s a bit complex. We love it, there’s no question about that they are doing a great job. How do you envision tying this into the whole umbrella?”

“That will be part of that when we get to the end of our current recycling program, that will be that five to seven years in that range and in 2023 we will be putting together a package that will combine all of those,” said Ruault. “If it is the current provider they will use their site, if it’s a different provider, they will have to come up with a site,” said. He explained that staff needs more direction in the future from town council on the matter.

“It’s very broad at this stage,” said Ruault.

The plan includes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery and residual disposal policies and programs that are cost effective, socially acceptable and financially and environmentally sustainable for the long term and which support local landfill policies.

Ruault gave the councillors a summary on the town’s current waste management situation for example weekly manual curbside solid waste collection, services that are provided by a private contractor.

Additional waste bag service, heavy item garbage program for the pick and disposal of an approved list of heavy items five times per year, administered by the town through a free tag system.

The town recycling facility is utilized by residents for approved mixed-use recyclables, a Take It or Leave It program at the recycling facility where residents can take or leave gently used items and residents have the opportunity to use private curbside mixed recycling.

According to staff, the current waste management system was identified as not meeting best practises or industry standard based on a review of similar communities and the need to improve the system was identified.

The staff identified key objectives and community values that were used in the design of the new Waste Management Plan.

The key objectives are: waste reduction, diversion from landfills, reduction, reuse, recycling, cost effective, socially acceptable, financially sustainable, and environmentally sustainable.

The key community values are: stability of services, services that promote the well-being of the community, integrity, transparency, honesty, purity of objectives, predictability, trust science, trust information and safety.

Town council voted in favour of the implementation of the Waste Management Plan with Stage One to include an automated curbside solid waste and organics cart collection system.

In the future, all waste management programs will be administered by one long term contract. The town will own and maintain key infrastructure to enable effective contract negotiations, promote reduction, reuse and recycling through communication and education.

The waste management plan will be completed in stages. The first stage will replace the current manual solid waste collection contract, which expires in December 2017. The contract will be replaced with a new five to seven-year contract that provides an automated curb side black and green cart service.

The town estimates there will be an increase of $5 to $7 to the garbage services utility fee.

Presently, the solid waste service in the town provides each resident with one pickup per week. The new plan will have one solid waste pickup per week and a separate organics pickup per week.

Residents will have a black solid waste bin and a green organic waste bin.


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