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Wheatland council approves Muirfield development permits

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Three development permit applications were approved for houses in the Lakes of Muirfield during the September 6 meeting of Wheatland County council, paving the way for the bit-by-bit expansion of the community.


Doug Whitney from Douglas Homes Ltd., which was one of the first developers in the Lakes of Muirfield, addressed council after the votes were cast.

“This is a significant milestone I think in the Muirfield subdivision, the fact that we are moving ahead with building permits easily again. We thank you for that,” he said.

“Based on that, we are looking at making a further investment within the community and anticipate building other homes in Muirfield,” he said.

He asked the council if the present speed of which permits are granted and the positive working relationship with staff would continue.

“I think this council is very happy that other developments are coming along and that maybe we have a solution to our long time problem out there,” said Reeve Glenn Koester. In terms of a promise for things to continue running smoothly he said he couldn’t make specific promises about the future.

He said that council would appreciate regular updates about the project.

Councillor Ben Armstrong asked about the wastewater situation in Lakes of Muirfield.

“I am not the one that can make the comment on that. My conversations with Bill Maher indicates that it was something that would be forthcoming. He indicated that it would be in the new year,” said Whitney.

County staff informed council that the Homesteads at Lyalta’s application was approved by the Municipal Government Board and that there are 29 conditions which need to be met, one which is development agreements for the wastewater solution.

Councillor Rex Harwood asked for more details to what’s happening with the project.

“We did have some of those investors, developers and people involved in that project come here and explain that something was happening, but nobody explained what it was. I was very vague,” he said.

“I am still waiting to hear from the developer on what they’ve got planned,” said councillor Armstrong.

“When Bill Maher was here, he laid out his plan for moving forward and that was if they get all the approvals this fall that he would be in construction this fall and winter,” said councillor Alice Booth.


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