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Downtown enhancement in Strathmore

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Anyone travelling in the downtown of Strathmore can’t miss the construction work on Second Avenue and Kinsmen Park. Walking along Lakeside Boulevard it isn’t hard to see how the transformation of the downtown will result in a lively and active area where visitors and residents can enjoy a beautiful new pavilion building which can host markets and other public events, the revamping of Kinsmen Lake, the park and pathways as well as the updating of Second Avenue, leading to it all.


The enhancements are part of the Town of Strathmore’s Canada 150 projects.

The Town will soon be hosting a public barbecue to officially open the new pavilion building once it is complete.

“The pavilion is going to be a multi-use public building that is going to be in the park. It is almost finished. We are going to be able to host events in there. We can have people rent it out, and we can have farmers markets in there,” explained Town of Strathmore planner, Chuck Procter.

Last week for a period of approximately two days, town crews were working diligently to drain a portion of the lake at Kinsmen Park in order expose storm drains and work on upgrading storm water management plans for Second Avenue.

The storm water line from Second Avenue drains into the lake. The aim of repairing the storm water line was to protect local businesses from any future flooding. 

The lake was quickly refilled using WID (Western Irrigation District) water by the weekend.

“During the construction of the storm drainage line and enhancements, all businesses and services are open for business,” said Mayor Michael Ell. The mayor encouraged residents to keep shopping and using services on Second Avenue as the project is short term in nature.

“Our downtown will be back to normal soon and when complete, will be something we can all be proud of,” said Ell.

The construction project is focused on Second Avenue from Lakeside Boulevard to Third Street.

Upgrades to Second Avenue include new plazas (bump-outs), bigger sidewalks at intersections, new furniture and street lights, trees, shrubs and grass. The project is likely to be complete by the end of September, depending on the weather.

“We are not losing any parking there aside from eight stalls, we are not changing the angle or parallel parking to anything different. The majority of the parking is going to stay the same,” said Procter.

“Things have been moving very quick,” he said. “Everything is on schedule,” he said.

Earlier on in the year discussions at town council about the construction raised the issue of the road being partially open to traffic during the construction project. While foot traffic on Second Avenue is currently open, vehicle traffic is not.

“The intersection is going to be closed to vehicular traffic, but there will be a pedestrian corridor down the middle,” Procter noted. The fenced corridor will also provide an access route for emergency services

Temporary walkways will be in place while the sidewalks are being finished.

Initially the Town had planned to have the area opened up to vehicular traffic once sidewalks were completed, but due to safety factors in a construction zone the area will be closed.

There are clearly posted detours in the area.

During the construction project there will be ample parking in Strathmore’s downtown region. Kinsmen Park’s parking lot remains open, as well as near Lambert Park, and the new parking lot on Second Avenue and Third Street and parallel parking on Third Avenue and throughout the remainder of downtown. Hopefully when complete the new area will be friendly to pedestrians, it will be lively, and have more places for people to sit, shop and enjoy downtown Strathmore.

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