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All the way from China to experience Stampede

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Zan Wu (in sunglasses), CEO of Zanadu came from China to experience the Canadian West at the Strathmore Stampede.

Zan Wu (in sunglasses), CEO of Zanadu came from China to experience the Canadian West at the Strathmore Stampede.

A pair of brave souls from out of town took on the Running with the Bulls contest on Saturday at the Strathmore Stampede and Heritage Days.


Running with the Bulls takes place two times during the Strathmore Stampede. Runners face three rounds of bulls during the event and those who show the most skills, showmanship and get the crowd’s and judges attention come out victorious. The winner of the event also claims a $1,000 prize courtesy the Strathmore and District Agricultural Society and their sponsors.

On Saturday August 5, Zan Wu and Eric were two young runners who travelled from China to experience the one of a kind western Canadian event, that is only found in Strathmore.

The two took a 12 hour plane ride from China, to experience a piece of authentic Canadian West at the Stampede.

“We are actually working on a travel show and the Destination Canada tourism board actually recommended Alberta and the stampede,” said Zan.

“We wanted to do something maybe more authentic. I think the Calgary one is bigger, but it probably feels more commercial. We also couldn’t make the day and we found out that this weekend was going on in Strathmore, so we decided to come over,” said Zan, who is the CEO of a travel company called Zanadu. Zanadu is China’s No. 1 online travel agency.

This trip was their first visit to Albertan and their first experience with western culture, according to Zan. They brought with them a small film crew, and wat an experience they had facing down some of the toughest bulls.

“It’s an experience. We never tried this before and we didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Eric when asked why they took part in Running with the Bulls.

“We flew 12 hours to come here, so we might as well do something,” said Zan.

Overall the experience was awesome, said Eric.

“I wish we could even do more. We were a bit nervous. We’ve never done it before. We didn’t even know what it was going to be like,” said Zan. 

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