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SHS honours champions at breakfast

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By Dan Marcinkowski

The Strathmore High School Breakfast of Champions second-semester 2017 was held on June 1 at the SHS.

The Strathmore High School Breakfast of Champions second-semester 2017 was held on June 1 at the SHS.

Several Strathmore High School (SHS) students were recognized as champions at the bi-annual Strathmore High School Breakfast of Champions on June 1.


Each teacher at SHS named one of their students a champion. Students were named champions for different reasons; some for their academic achievements, some for their leadership, some for their hard-work, their perseverance, some for their kindness and others for their improvement in school subjects or attendance.

Here were all the champions: Darius Brightman, Delaney McGhee, Cayley Allan, James McGovern, Brooke McMurray, Alueter Demshakwa, Kaden Hanas, Julia Vermeeren, Kaylin Larson, Alexandra Earnshaw, Oscar Lam, Katelynn Doak, Korbin Allan, Ryan Edwards, Scott Desserre, Cilene Telles, Justin Baerwald, Nicholas Crocker, Aaron Maudsley-Tetz, Sarah McNeill, Pacey Means Strangling Wolf, Shayla Walker, Addison Muller, Sarah Dronyk, Autumn Desjardins, Kelsi Johnson, Taylor Monroe, Cort Armstrong, Emma Ewashen, Aaron Johnson, Jasmine Swaile, Logan Schoepp, Liam Bellcourt, Rachael Yee, Jan Schmieder, Jonathan Le May, Christopher Cunnington-Hilder, Bailey Filkohazy, Justin Ritchie, Ben Page, Brianna Donovan, Connor McBean, Jared Biskup, Jeremy Karkanis, Mihaly Varga, Holland Kelly, and Rachel McCollister.

All these students displayed something special to their teachers, for instance, Julia Vermeeran was chosen by Mr. Kenton Zandee because she showed her coach determination and that never give up effort as a badminton player.

“All these kids here today share the qualities of hard-work, perseverance and effort, that can get them through a badminton match, or more importantly in life,” said Zandee.

Musician Alexandra Earnshaw was chosen by Mr. Bryan Allsopp.

“She has had a difficult year, especially in the last couple of months, but has persevered and continued with her best effort in her music classes and her other studies,” said Allsopp.

Korbin Allen was chosen by Ms. Susan Ruzek who has been in her TA for three years.

“He juggles his sports with his academics and works hard at it,” she said.

“He is an example of an all-around student and a true Spartan and for these reasons I have chosen him as my champion.”

All the champions and teachers received breakfast, thanks to Sarah and Neil Kennedy and Sobeys for the items, and Mr. Drover and his staff for the preparation and cooking.


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