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New town composting program proposed

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

These are some of the bins that you could soon be using for composting in the town of Strathmore, courtesy a proposal by H&H Huxted Enterprises.

These are some of the bins that you could soon be using for composting in the town of Strathmore, courtesy a proposal by H&H Huxted Enterprises.

Colin Huxted of Huxted Waste and Recycling came to speak to the council about an organics collection system for the Town of Strathmore.


After everything was said and done Mayor Michael Ell said that he thought council was supportive of the proposal for a curbside composting program in Strathmore.

Town council accepted the presentation as information and during the discussion asked staff to include information about the proposal on water bills, the Facebook page and the town’s website.

“H&H Huxted Enterprises is very excited and honoured to have the chance to present an organics proposal to the town council. It is very important for council, management and residents to know that this proposal will freeze our present waste disposal and recycling costs for the next six years,” Huxted said.

He explained that the proposal will not add any extra costs to the present contract, but the level of service will be raised to the highest level possible.

“We’ll do what we can do to get the word out,” said councillor Bob Sobol.

Huxted brought with him a large container, similar in size to regular garbage bins and a small composting container for under the sink.

He explained that one of the hopes is to, within six years, have a sustainable waste recycling facility in Strathmore.

“It’s an opportunity for Strathmore to do the right thing,” said Huxted.

In the years since partnering with the town of Strathmore, Huxted explained to council that H & H Huxted Enterprises have achieved their goals, now bailing over 44,000 pounds of cardboard a week at the recycle yard.

The recycling facility operator explained that he estimates the town has saved up to $100,000 by using a composting facility.

”As Strathmore continues to grow our waste will as well,” said Huxted.

The recycle yard and composting site is now a Class 1 facility. In 2016, 4,591,000 lbs of waste wood products were used for composting and 4,972,000 lbs of biosolids were used.

Strathmore seems to already be jumping on the composting trend as students within the public education system in Grade 4 already learn about composting in schools, and for the last six months residents have been dropping off organics at the recycle yard in their compost bin.

Huxted spoke about the 53 Grade 4 students who recently attended a tour of the facility.

“The kids are knowledgeable,” he said.

He explained that those children will go home and teach their families, and grandparents about composting.

Councillor Sobol spoke of a breakfast program he volunteers at at a local school where an organics collection program has just began.

“I found it amazing, the only thing in the garbage was a plastic bag,” he said.

Councillor Denise Peterson congratulated Huxted for what he has done in the town over the years.

“It saves our planet and our people,” she said. She also noted that garbage collection fees are still lower than other comparable communities.

Huxted explained that with this new program, in three to four years the composting carts will be paid for. The town could potentially save $75,000 a year.

“It’s so exciting to me,” said councillor Steve Grajczyk.

Huxted was also excited to report to the council that all of the compost at the recycle yard has been sold.

He said that there has been an organics bin at the recycle yard for the last six months and there is no extra cost to drop off grass clipping at the recycling yard. 

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