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Train of Terror rolling through Aspen Crossing

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

The Train of Terror is rolling through Aspen Crossing for the month of October.

The Train of Terror is rolling through Aspen Crossing for the month of October.

The scariest, most awesome Halloween ready ride you’ll ever experience is at Aspen Crossing this month. The Train of Terror took off at Aspen Crossing this year on October 8 and will run until October 30.

The train is a one of a kind experience that has never been done before, according to Brenda Campbell of Aspen Crossing. She explained that the train is part party train, but also more than a haunted house.

“Last weekend was our very first inaugural run. This is a brand new excursion for us,” she said. If you like a good scare, the train is made up of two re-designed box cars that are filled with items like mazes, moving parts, and things that pop out at visitors.

“It’s very train related and just lots and lots of little mazes to go through with lots of interaction. There’s a kitchen where there’s lots of body parts and a mechanical room. There’s a locked room where people have trouble finding their way out, there’s a room where there’s a child’s nursery, and there’s a voodoo room. There’s a claustrophobic kind of area where it’s kind of interesting to get through and then we also have a big spiralling tunnel that you have to walk through initially and it’s really interesting, it throws your whole sense of equilibrium off.”

When participants take the Train of Terror there is also a bit of time to socialize and enjoy the onboard bar, have fun and visit with other guests. Upon arrival at Aspen Crossing participants gather at the greenhouse, which is the waiting room. They receive their tickets, and sign waivers. She cautioned that the Train of Terror is meant for adults, and not young children.

There are two types of tours participants can take, an early tour at 3 p.m. and a nighttime tour at 7 p.m. “There are two different reasons why both are good,” said Campbell.

“If you go on the 3 p.m. tour, you’re on the moving train for two hours and you get to see as well because it’s light out, the landscape and you’ll actually get to enjoy a train ride as well as the haunt part,” she said. “At the 7 p.m. tour it’s a little bit more conducent to Halloween because it’s dark outside already. It’s scarier just to start with. It’s scarier all the way around, but your train ride is in the dark, so you don’t get to enjoy seeing the landscape as we are travelling, it’s more the motion of the train that’s scary then it is enjoying the view.”

“If you also want to enjoy a bit of a train ride and see the view ... or if you are a little more a person that gets scared, the 3 p.m. tour would definitely be the one to come to. It probably wouldn’t be as scary initially, but once you get into the boxcars on the train, everything is blacked out in there,” explained Campbell. “Once you are in the haunted train cars, the Train of Terror it’s dark in there no matter what time of day.”

Staff at Aspen Crossing have created a truly scary experience by hiring professional movie set artists, mechanical engineers and more. “A huge amount of effort has gone into this. It’s really quite good,” said Campbell.

There are lots of twists and turns, and different themes to the Train of Terror, plus before and after the haunting part of the train, there are cars before and after where individuals can socialize. Tickets for the Train of Terror are selling fast.

The Train of Terror will run until October 30 at Aspen Crossing. Tickets cost $69.99. The train is rated for individuals 18 years and over. It is not recommended that pregnant women, or people who are claustrophobic, have had seizures, any heart conditions or respiratory problems ride the train. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver and may be asked to show photo identification before entering the Train of Terror. Those under the age of 18 must have a guardian complete a waiver for them. For more information on the Train of Terror and other Aspen Crossing train tours, please visit aspencrossing.com, or call 1-403-534-2129. 

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