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Night Market for evening shopping to open next month

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Don’t want to leave town when you need to pick up something or go shopping in the evening, then don’t. Visit the Night Market instead. Strathmore’s Night Market, a creation of Reesa and Cameron Bruce, will be opening it’s doors on November 9 at the Strathmore Golf Club.

The Night Market solves the issue of having to drive out of town to make last minute purchases in the evenings, and gives many people the ability to do a bit of shopping right after work. “Especially at winter time too because there is quite a lack of activity at winter time,” said Cameron.

The Night Market will be held at the Strathmore Golf Club on Wednesdays from 5 to 8 p.m. starting on November 9, 2016 and running through the year until Spring 2017, with the exception of December 28 during the Christmas break.

“There will be food vendors, there will be clothing vendors, there will be honey products, and different types of essential oils. We have some vendors that sign up every week, and we have some that are going to come randomly. We don’t expect or require anyone to sign up weekly for two reasons one, we know that everyone is really busy, and two it offers a little bit of variety for people,” said Reesa. The flexibility also allows for organizers to offer something a little bit different every week.

The couple will be posting a list of who the vendors are that night. “I am going to try to do a monthly or weekly schedule so the public can see who is there,” said Reesa.

The Bruce’s decided to create the Night Market after taking part in the various seasonal markets like the Strathmore Farmer’s Market.”We were having really great success with it and then as they started to wind down people were starting to get concerned on where they could find us,” said Reesa. Although the Bruce’s do free deliveries in town and they can get their products to customers also through Mystical Crystals in Strathmore, they found customers enjoyed the social aspect of coming out to the market. “We thought ‘it’s too bad that this still couldn’t go on’ and people were making comments about that as well,” said Reesa. They were asked to open a storefront, but found that with a smaller product line, it wasn’t feasible.

“We took off thinking, ‘how do we make this work for clients and for us, and not just us but for other vendors. There’s a lot of vendors that this is part of their livelihood and with the economy, they could probably use something that is a little more ongoing for them,” said Reesa. The Bruce’s came up with the concept of a night market as many people are busy on the weekends, and weekends are usually fully booked for vendors, so why not choose one evening a week. “We thought lets do mid-week and try the night and see,” said Reesa.

During the year, many regular customers came out to markets during the week, explained Cameron. “They would just come out and socialize, get a coffee or even sit around and have dinner and just reconnect with people. We thought of doing something for these people keep a social activity.” The market is also a community activity for groups of seniors during the winter season.

The market is being co-ordinated through a partnership with the Strathmore Golf Club, who’s venue will host the event. “They have a fantastic kitchen there,” said Cameron who explained the club’s restaurant has a chef and is a licensed venue.

“They are excited about the chef and they’ve got some great ideas. We are getting a lot of great support from the Golf Club,” said Reesa.Visitors can dine at the restaurant and also peruse the vendor tables and purchase merchandise from the golf club.

The Bruce’s also have plans for a number of fun activities like setting up a little free library where visitors can take or leave a book in exchange.

“We plan on doing some client draws and door prizes for anybody that wants to put their name into a draw maybe we’ll do a door prize for the public. We plan on doing some vendor contests and draws as well. Just some fun little things to keep it interesting for people,” said Reesa.

Feedback on the night market has been very positive. “Some of the feedback we`ve had from vendors is that they are very excited there’s something that they can keep going to, but also excited they are not being forced to commit on a weekly basis,” she explained that for some the market offers flexibility in that people with children or other commitments do not need to lock in and commit to be there each week. “People are happy that there is just something else to do during the winter,” she said.

In order to become a vendor, individuals can email the Bruce’s who will supply them with an application. “One of the big things we want to do is keep the table fees very affordable. If we have room we will fit people in. We don’t plan on turning anybody away if we can help it and the more the merrier,” said Reesa.”Our goal is that we keep growing it bigger and bigger all the time and see how it goes,” said Cameron.

For more information or if you would like to be a vendor, please contact Reesa and Cameron Bruce at 403-934-3531, or email The Night Market can also be found on Facebook by searching for he Strathmore Night Market. 

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