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Beef producers fall meetings and elections

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

Bill 6, price volatility and other issues related to the cattle industry like the closure of feedlots in the region, will be topics on the table at a series of fall meetings for the Alberta Beef Producers this month. The Alberta Beef Producers will be holding zone meetings at the end of the month and into November. In Zone 3, which encompasses the Strathmore region, there will be meetings on October 25, 26 and November 3.

There are three meetings coming up in Zone 3, one on October 25 at the Crossfield Community Centre, the second on October 26 at Cochrane, at the Heritage Centre, and on November 3 at the Strathmore Civic Centre. Meetings take place at 7 p.m.

Zone 3 will be holding elections during the fall meetings, explained Alberta Beef Producers Chris Israelson.”At that meeting producers will have the opportunity to vote for delegates. We have three delegate nominees running for two positions,” he said. Elections will be held at each of the three meetings and ballots will be counted later in November.

The meetings are where producers select delegates who will bring their issues and concerns from their zone to the ABP Board of Directors and general meetings.

“There will be speakers, the Strathmore meeting specifically will have a representative from CanFax, which is a livestock market analyst group,” said Israelson. “Right now I think one of the biggest conversations will be the price volatility in the market and hopefully the CanFax representative will touch on that and explain to producers what they are seeing, why they are seeing it, and why the markets are reacting the way they are.”

The zone meetings are a chance for producers to voice their concerns and give their delegates direction.Through the delegate process, producers can bring forward resolutions for the Alberta Beef Producers to focus on, for example to lobby on the behalf of the local producer for a specific topic, or piece of legislation.

“I think that the topics of conversation I’m sure will be continued on with conversations about Bill 6, that is still kind of on the forefront for a lot of producers, but also price volatility is going to be a significant one as well,” said Isaraelson.

The AGM is typically held in December at Calgary.

Zone 3 consists of Wheatland County, Mountain View County, MD of Bighorn, MD of Foothills, MD of Rockyview, Improvement District No. 9 (Banff), and Calgary. Fall meetings will be held in all nine zones, for more information on the Alberta Beef Producers or to attend meeting, please visit 

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