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Town Council Briefs: What to do about flooding after heavy rain

By Monique Massiah, Strathmore Standard

A large amount of rain which fell on Strathmore during the weekend of July 15 and the resulting flooding along the Trans-Canada Highway and in certain areas in the town was one of the topics of discussion during the regular meeting of town council on July 20.

“The last two weeks we have seen an unprecedented amount of rain or close to I would suggest and there are some pockets of issue that have arisen all over town,” said Councillor Bob Sobol. He highlighted the flooding of the Trans-Canada Highway and flooding around Strathmore Lakes.

Sobol noted that there was an abnormal amount of rain fell, but he asked if there was anything that Alberta Transportation could do to look into the flooding issue on the highway.

Administration said they could approach Alberta Transportation about the issue and what could be done.

Councillor Steve Grajczyk commented that when he was Mayor the highway was also flooded twice. “I was informed at the time that the storm water line going into the system is 24 inches, and crossing the highway is 12 inches,” he said. Bryce Mackan, director of infrastructure, revealed that conversations about a solution to the problem have began with Alberta Transportation.

Canadian Badlands signs at entrances of town

Town council held a discussion on the possibility of Canadian Badlands Tourism installing promotional signs at the east and west entranced to the town along the Trans-Canada Highway.

“We’ve been in some discussion with the Canadian Badlands in regards to putting up two of their signs at the entrances to the community,” said councillor Bob Sobol. He asked for clarification from administration as to the next step in the process, for example acquiring quotes for the signs. Council voted to turn over the task of finding a letter sent to the town from Canadian Badlands about the design requirements of the sign. The issue be postponed until the next Strathmore town council meeting.

Taxi bylaw notice of motion

Council introduced a notice of motion in regards to the taxi bylaw, bylaw 15-27.

It was revealed during the regular council meeting that the town may not have heard an opinion from local bylaw services in regards to the new taxi bylaw. Council was asked to bring back the bylaw with the amendment that the clause or clauses dealing with the addition of handicapped accessible vehicles be excluded from the bylaw.

The motion for council to reconsider the bylaw will be brought forward during the August 3 town council meeting. The motion must be passed by council by a vote of two third in favour.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, a guide to parliamentary procedure, no motion made or action taken shall be reconsidered unless -- it’s a motion made or action taken at a meeting held six months or more before its reconsideration, or approval for reconsideration of a motion made or an action taken less than six months earlier, is given a two-thirds vote prior to reconsideration. Only a member of council who voted with the prevailing side may move to reconsider an item. When a motion is lost on a tie vote, the prevailing side is those who voted against the motion.

Columbarium update

Town council has approved the purchase of the second half the columbarium and the arch from Sunset Memorial & Stones with the cost not to exceed $26,715 plus GST. The funds will be drawn from Financial Stabilization.

Wheatland Funeral Home has approached the town administration about the town taking over the columbarium in the Strathmore Cemetery. The town will be responsible for the sale of niches and the maintenance and upkeep of the structures. There is currently one half of the columbarium in the cemetery with only three empty spaces. Councillors were given a sample image to review and see what the monument will resemble. Council asked for a few of the positive aspects associated with the structure. “We are limited in space in the cemetery and structures such as this give more options to citizens and reduce the amount of space that is taken up in the cemetery,” said Jennifer Sawatsky, Legislative Services Co-ordinator for the Town of Strathmore. “This is a really positive thing for the cemetery.”

Power poles on George Freeman Trail

Fortis Alberta will be relocating 10 overhead power poles at their expense from the intersection of Highway 1 to the northern limit of Rencor’s commercial property along George Freeman Trail. The cost for the relocation will be $188,000. The town’s administration was in discussions with Fortis for placed the power underground at a cost of $64, 187.47. Town council voted in favour of authorizing $64, 187. 47 to place the power poles along George Freeman Trail with the funds being draw from the Financial Stabilization Fund. Relocating the power poles and providing overhead power is a temporary solution since power will need to be placed underground in the future when an additional traffic- turning lane is constructed on George Freeman Trail. 

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